Audit and Documents


Performing audits gives piece of mind to all companies that they are in compliance with industry and regulatory requirements. Using our audit services can be used as a management tool to making informed and cost effective decisions. Audits lead to continual improvement, which is fundamental to any business looking to growth and expand.

We can be used to verify your procedures, supply you with input and make recommendations. Our services cover a wide range of auditing scopes from business procedure compliance, to full corporate system audits. Our worldwide connections to trained and experienced auditors can provide you service anywhere in the world.


Kheeran also specializes in the creation and implementation of company quality systems which can be made to suit a variety of international standards including ISO 9001:2015.

As part of our services, we provide the below listed documents for companies in a cost effective and timely manner:

  • QMS – Quality Management System (QC Manual)
  • Assisting for your ABSA AQP Manual / Demonstration
  • Preparing Inspection Test Plans (ITP’s)
  • Preparing Project Quality Plans (PQP’s)
  • QC Procedures
  • QC forms / exhibits
  • QA/QC Turnover Preparation
  • NDE Backlog removal, etc.